Continue Concert Ho Reviews

Continuing our concerts we saw Sheryl Crow at Red Butte Gardens. As usual it was awesome. We arrived at 9 am to sit in line. Chat with everyone else crazy enough to get there that early. There were some who'd come the night before to camp out. We're so not that dedicated. Our friends came by on and off during the day. Kris brought much needed food at lunch. I read on my iPad, relaxed and got a sunburn.

We had several friends meet us there. The opening act was okay, but I can't even remember his name, if that's any indication--not good. Then Sheryl came on, and it rocked from there. I don't think any of us sat in our chairs after that. There was dancing, and singing. As you can see in this video. (it's loud you may want to turn it down)
All in all I believe I'll give this concert a
5 +


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