Lindsay Downs is back in the Garden

Welcome to the garden everyone! Today I have a return guest, Lindsay Downs. The last couple of times we didn’t discuss books/writing though. If you’d like to get to know him outside of the writing arena check out his lasts two interviews: interview one and interview two.

Please visit the refreshment table before we begin. Grab a seat and settle in. You too, Lindsay.

“Hey Mary,” Lindsay calls. “You did get the Chard for me didn’t you?”

Mary: Would I have you as a guest and not have a Chardonnay for you? Shame on you for even asking!

Just an FYI everyone, this picture is Kebi Lindsay's collie, not Lindsay, LOL. There is so much going on in publishing today; traditional, electronic, small publishers and self-publishing. Your new release, Target Identified is self-pubbed is that correct? What led you to this decision?

Lindsay: There you’re right. Kebi’s better looking and since I used him or at least his name and persona in the book I thought you’d like to see a picture of a real character, in more ways than one. Except in the book he’s a she.

Mary: I always thought that when you self-published that you did everything yourself, and you had to pay booku bucks. Can you tell us a bit about the process?

Lindsay: Well Mary, you’re partially right in that you have to do everything yourself. Find someone to do the cover art unless, and I’m not, graphically inclined. Depending on who you choose and how complicated you want the cover it can run into big bucks. The person I use is Rae Monet and she has done all my artwork to date-website, T-shirt, business cards and now the book cover. She knows what I want and gives me perfect results every time. And she’s worth every penny I pay, which is confidential. For the final edits it wasn’t looking for the best or most expensive but finding that one person I had trust in. Putting the book together wasn’t that hard as I had an eBook of how to format the end product. In all the end expenses weren’t as much as I’d anticipated. Time to do it all is the biggest expense.

Mary: Now that you’re through with edits, and your book is available. Are you glad you choose that route?

Lindsay: Actually, I am. Yes. Selling the book through Amazon and Smashwords the royalty rates are better, which doesn’t hurt and I’ve got control of the process. I also don’t have to wait twelve to eighteen or more months before the book comes out. Having gone the small press route I had to do most of the promo work myself. I’m hearing the same with the larger publishing houses. More and more the author has to do their own promo or pay someone to set things up for them, so if I have to, why not get paid for it with the higher rate.

Everyone okay? Fill up your plates and glasses, we still have to hear about Target Identified and you’re not going to wanna miss that!

Mary: You hear me, so tell us how you came up with the idea for your new release.

Lindsay: Actually the idea first came to me back during Desert Storm when there were several friendly fire incidents. That’s part of the story. The other, also military oriented, was taking an existing piece of Army equipment and having a specialized company manufacture a new weapon similar to the existing one. Then everything sort of just fell into place. And since I write from the female POV that made everything so much easier and fun. One element I’d wanted to include in a book was a dog, but not as a walk-on, walk-off character. I wanted the dog, in this case a collie, to take an active role in the story.

Mary: Is this going to be series? What’s next?

Lindsay: Yes, this is the first in ‘The Target Series’. The second, Target Acquired, should be coming out in the late fall is set in England. Then, as if I don’t have enough to do, I’m in the process of developing a spin-off series, Special Agent Emily Dahill Series. SO you can get an idea about this series I’ve got a series of short stories staring her and Dakota on my blog- I’m not sure when the first book in that series, Terror on the Mountain will be released.

Mary: Can you give us a blurb? And how about places where we can find the book to purchase, where people can find you, web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Lindsay: Here’s the blurb for Target Identified, available now at Amazon and Smashwords.

Target Identified 
The body count continues to rise. Unexplained stock transfers persist. Is there any connection between the two, or is it coincidence?

Ezra Swanson receives a mysterious note. Far more cryptic than the one he’d received the year before.
On the anniversary of her brothers funeral Alison Swanson observes a soldier place something by his headstone. Could this person hold a clue to what’s been going on, or is he the stranger she’d met twice before?

When she returns to Myrtle Beach, Sergeant Richard Bosch, the soldier from the funeral, is also staying there along with his collie.

Alison and Richard return to her parents’ home in DC only to find someone has kidnapped her father.
During their attempts to rescue her father, Alison and Richard confront a possible suspect, Shane Goodrich.
Unfortunately, he has the perfect alibi.

Richard is captured when he sets out, with the help of several special ops friends, to rescue her father.
Now it falls on Alison, her feminine logic and planning to save not only her father but also Richard.
Identified and cornered will the perpetrator of the murders, kidnapping and stock thefts escape; or will they get what is coming to them?

People can find me at-
my website
my blog-
Twitter- @ldowns2966
Facebook- Lindsay Downs
LinkedIn- Lindsay Downs

Review by Mary Martinez
Alison and Richard are attracted even before they're properly introduced and the chemistry builds from there. Target Identified is full of quirky secondary characters that includes Kebi the Collie--you'll want to keep your eye on Kebi as you read. Lindsay's characters also have great taste, like Sumatra coffee. Alison is by far one of the strongest heroines I've read in a long time. The story makes it easy to overlook the bit of head hopping, I found. Lindsay's story is full of twists and turns and surprising... And that's all I'm going to say on that, because I honestly do not want to give anything away. Some of the military technology went over my head but Lindsay did the necessary homework. If you like suspense, this is a must read.
Target Identified earned:

Buy Links: Amazon and Smashwords

Thank you, Lindsay, for joining us in the garden again. Drop by any time!


Lindsay said…
Mary, Thank you for inviting me here today. It's great to finally have my book out for the public to read and, I'm sure like you, I know they will fall in love with not only the story but the characters. Sorry but Kebi isn't available except maybe for autographs. He's mine. All mine.
The ending, which Mary gratefully didn't mention will capture your imagination.
And I'd like to add, that everyone who comments here will have their name entered into a drawing for a copy of the book. So, comment frequently for everytime you do your name goes in the dog bowl. What you'd think I use a hat. Heck, Kebi is going to pick the winner.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for being my guest it has been a pleasure.

Come on everyone you heard Lindsay, please comment, you want to win the book!
Anonymous said…
good interview - and nice garden too !
Anonymous said…
oh that was me by the way - sue
Lindsay said…
Since you're the only other commenter you, by default win a copy of Target Identified. Congrats and I know you'll enjoy the book

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