Need help in the Garden

As you know I'm going to participate in a Mystery Blog tour this summer. So every week I'll have a guest. That way you won't get bored with me. Some of them will be doing their own posts. But others I'll be interviewing. And with so many of them (12) I'm running out of fresh questions.

As readers, or other authors, what questions or question would you like to ask an author? What type of things do you want to know about the person. Do you only want to hear about them as a writer? Or do you like to hear more personal questions asked?

Please leave a comment with some questions I can ask my guests to keep things interesting.

Thanks I appreciate any help you can give me!


Lindsay said…
Here's mine- When stumped writing a scene what do you do get get unstumped?
Me, I usully go for walk to clear the head
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Lindsay. I'm going to use that one right now!

I usually crank up the tunes!
Marja said…
What would people like to know about you, Mary? After all, you're going to have blogs on other people's sites, so let people get to know you, too.

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