Bangers and Mash

I know, I'm not a true Irishman, but I think I was in a past life. Or maybe a future life who knows? Anyway here is my version:

Bangers and Mash 
Hot Sausage - or my favorite is Black Pepper Sausage
Bell pepper (red and green)

Quantities depend on how many you're serving. Broil or grill the sausage. Chop up garlic and put in with the potatoes w/skins and boil. When done drain and mash. Add pepper, salt and garlic powder to taste.

Saute strips of onions and peppers. Place mound of potatoes on plate with sausage on top covered in sauteed vegetables.

Calories approx. 230 per sausage link and 160 per 2/3 cup of potatoes.

Serve over potatoes.


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