Chick Magnet on Sale!

May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2011!
I usually do not promote in the Garden, but I discovered that BookStrand had Chick Magnet on Sale for $4.68 (Electronic version) Buy now!

Madison McCullough is moving on. Her ex used her as a babysitter for his young son while he wined and dined other women.

Brady O'Neill is a Formula One race car driver recuperating from injuries sustained in a near death accident.

Brady's sister wants him to face life once again. Believing her son to be a chick magnet, she encourages Brady to take him to the grocery store to try and meet women.

When Madison and Brady meet oranges roll, thanks to Payton, Brady's nephew. The first eye contact over the fruit table makes the air sizzle. No matter how much Madison resists the attraction, she and Brady are destined for each other.

Check my web site for an Excerpt and to watch the trailer.  You can also read the reviews.


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