Son's and their beverages in the garden!

Saturday I was at my grandson's soccer game and his dad brought the dog. And thought, you know what they say about dog's and their owners is true. Dave's dog is like him. But what is even crazier is my daughter Chrissy her dog, Bubbles (yeah I know sounds like a pole dancer) is like her. I love Chrissy but she can be a bit on the loud side. Well her dog is the same.

Then for whatever reason I thought of drinks, cocktails, liquor or beer are the same thing. What you drink says a lot about you. I can figure this out for my children because they are adults and most have kids of their own. So this week is drink week. And though between my husband and I, we have more than 5 kids, I will get it done in five.

I'll start with my two son's. Troy and Dave are easy. They're easy going, love to hunt, fish and hang out. Beer, cheaper the better. Actually my son-in-law Dallon fits right in. We're talking Keystone, bud light, miller light, Coors. Sure they like a Heineken here and there, but mostly it's the inexpensive stuff.

When it comes to food, Troy would be steak and potatoes. Dallon must have been a chef in another life. He loves to cook, so I can't pin down what he would be. Dave would be enchilada's, chili verde, etc.

Okay if you have grown son's what drink are they? Or if your kids are young, what food are they? 

See you tomorrow!


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