Kabob Tuesday in the Garden

Have you ever gone to a wine tasting BBQ? A couple of weeks ago we had one. It was at my house--of course so I needed to figure out the main course. My daughter suggested a kabob buffet. What I say? Well that's exactly what we did. It turned out awesome. The biggest challenge was for my husband. He was manning the grill and had to keep track of who's kabob was who's. Since there was 15 people and there were only 5 different colors on the toothpicks we found. I did pretty good. Anyway here's how it worked.

Meat cut into 1" squares
Beef marinated in a Chipolte Lime sauce (bottled - I'm not that inspired)
Pork marinated in Chipolte Lime sauce
Chicken marinated in Garlic Steak sauce
Shrimp marinated in lemon and fresh chopped garlic

Whole Mushrooms
Large pieces of Red Bell Peppers
Large pieces of Green Bell Peppers
Large pieces of purple onion
Cherry tomatoes
1" squares of zuchinni

Had seasonings and spices out for people to flavor how they wanted.
And here are the wines that were the best:
2008 Banfi Fumaio - Toscana, Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay blend
2008 Ruffino Helia - Chianti
2008 Catina tre serre Piemonte Barbera (Italia)



Lindsay said…
Sounds like the BBQ was a challange. Did your husband survive?
Taryn Kincaid said…
What? And you didn't invite me?

(Invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!)

Sounds yummy!
Lindsay said…
Don't feel bad, mime must have gotten in the emails
Mary Martinez said…
Taryn, I'm sorry it did. But whenever I have a party ALL my friends are invited whether the invite got lost or not!
Lindsay, my husband did survive and I didn't hear any complaints that they received the wrong kabob!

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