Hot drink day at the garden

There's a nip to the air here in the garden. My question to you is when that happens in your area what is your favorite hot drink? I really don't have a recipe for mine, because it's just hot coffee with Baileys.

Do you have a favorite place? I do. We were in San Francisco and decided to find the famous Buena Vista. And found it we did. They are famous for their Irish Coffee. What a treat to watch the bar tender. I never thought you could be entertained by someone making coffee, but I was.

He lined up the glasses, I'm not talking two or three, he lined up about twenty. If you click on the link you'll be able to read The Irish Coffee Story. He walked down the bar and tossed sugar cubes in all the glasses. Next he took the pot of coffee and walked down pouring as he went. Then the same with the Irish Whiskey, then he topped them all with fresh whipped creme and you have your hot coffee. Man it packed a punch!

If you ever visit San Francisco I highly recommend visiting The Buena Vista on Hyde Street. It's right by the Trolley line turn around. Have an Irish Coffee you won't regret it, oh and the food's great also!

You guys are making me sad! I was so looking forward to some knew fall and/or Halloween recipes and no one has posted any!

If you post your favorite hot drink recipe, that counts!


Lindsay said…
Sorry to disappoint you Mary but my favorite hot drink is either plain old coffee or tea.
Mary Martinez said…
That is just so boring! LOL
Lindsay said…
I never said I was thriller just mysterious, like my villains
Mary Martinez said…
plain old coffee or teas is not mysterious. LOL
Lindsay said…
Ah, put what tyoe of coffee and tea.
Hywela Lyn said…
My mouth is watering Mary! Although I'm a Brit, I jsut love Tex Mex food!

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