Tuesday in the Garden

Last week I went to Epcot while at the National RWA (Romances Writers of America) Conference. My friend and I had a lovely dinner in France.
We had a lovely little rodent join us. Oh, not him!  I was referring to a much smaller fast talker.Yes there we go, Remy from Ratatouille!

We had the most awesome dinner at Les Chefs de France. We shared an appetizer of escargot. Then we had lobster bisque for starters. For the main course, I had the beef ribs with pasta and Judy had salmon. For desert I had a french pastry filled with ice cream and drowned in milk chocolate, Judy had the creme brulee. I could barely move!

We took our waiter's suggestion for our wine. (Not mister smooth above, he was with Remy). A sparkling white wine with a shot of black current liquor mixed in. Refreshing is the best way to describe it.

Where is the best meal you've had while out to dinner or on vacation recently?


Amy said…
My roommate and I walked down to the Boardwalk one night during RWA and ate at "Kouzzina's" by Cat Cora. We thought being an Iron Chef probably meant her restaurant would be outstanding! We weren't disappointed. We started with calamari as an appetizer, and it was the BEST calamari I've ever had. It was soaked in buttermilk before breading and frying, which made it very tender. For the entree I had "Fisherman's Stew", which was similar to a cioppino, with shrimp, scallops, swordfish, mussels, and clams in a think tomato broth with fennel and red pepper flakes. Then for dessert, we shared a chocolate boudina cake... molten chocolate cake with whipped cream. The meal was so outstanding I took pictures of it all. I'll be putting the up on my blog hopefully later today! So, hop on by and take a look!

Did I tell you I'm a MAJOR foodie? How cool that you are too!

Lindsay said…
The best dinner I think I ever had was at the Sandles Royal Bahamian in Jan 2002. My wife and I were recelebrating our honeymoon since it got cut short the previous year by the tragic events of 9/11. We had made friends with the Head of Food Service for the resort and he and the staff treated us to the best meal in the world. When we arrived at the restaurant we were shown to our table sans menus. The chef then informed us the meal had already been ordered and all we had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the dinner. Which we did. Dish followed dish. all cook and prepared to perfection.
Of course having Jerry Orbach with his wife, of Law and Order and the Broadway musical The Fantastics fame, sitting at the next table didn't hurt. As they were leaving they stopped by our table for a few minutes which totally awed the people at the table behind us.
So I guess that would be the best dinner ever. Not only the cuisine but meeting him and his wife.
Mary said…
Amy, my husband and I LOVE calamari. I am now hungry for Fisherman's stew. Sounds great! And even better than my dinner. The best calamari I've ever had was in San Diego at the hotel bar. We were watching the Utah vs. Colorado State game and ordered calamari steaks for an appetizer. Delicious.

Lindsay, I love celebrity sightings when on vacation. Though for some reason, never happens to me. But sounds like you had a great time.

I hope everyone keeps the best meals coming. I'm gaining weight just reading it all!

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