A Lazy Day at the Garden

This being lazy about scheduling the night before is becoming a habit. Sorry, I'll try to do better. Don't hold me to it. LOL By the time bedtime rolls around if I'm writing at all it's usually on my Work in Progress.

I'm sure all of you are getting tired of me--day after day--so I'm trying to drum up some interviews. I've emailed some wineries, but they haven't responded. I'm going to try some restaurants and things also.

Anyone live in a major city? SF, NYC, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis or Miami? And I'm sure I've missed a lot. I'd love to interview you about the food, wine and night life in your town. Email me at mary@marymartinez.com if you're interested.

I'm going to share a recipe I've had since my kids were little. But it's still good.

Taco Salad
Combine the following:
chopped radishes
Kidney Beans
Set aside while you prepare the rest.
Cook 1 lb ground beef and crumble.
Crush some Doritos.
Shred mild cheddar cheese.
Miracle whip with Taco Sauce (mild, medium or hot), amount to your taste.

Right before you're ready to serve, add the meat, Doritos and cheese and then the dressing.

Most the recipes for summer have been best paired with a crisp white wine. And this is no exception.

Happy eating!


Lindsay said…
Actually I like some of the recipes. Saves me from having to think what to make.
Mary said…
Okay Wanna do another interview on recipes for the bachelor?
Lindsay said…
For the bachelor and his dog sounds even more fun. Don't forget there are certain human foods that shouldn't be eaten by canis familiaris.
Mary said…
It does sound good. Okay when I don't have a blasted headache and I'm not trying to get 100 pages written before Monday I'll do a interview. Sound good?
Lindsay said…
Works for me

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