Monday in the Garden

The past couple of weeks have been full of changes. Along with those changes, I've changed the theme of my blog to discussions on wine, wineries, restaurants, music and other fun stuff. I'd like it to seem like my friends can drop by anytime, pull up a chair, sit across from me and chat about whatever.

Mary's Garden seemed more appropriate

Yesterday was the 4th of July  so we had a BBQ and guess what I forgot to do? Go to the wine store last week. I only had one bottle of wine. A 2005 Beringer Cabernet. Though it went well with the Burgers, it was only okay with the chicken. I know there are some of you who wonder why I didn't just run to the store. I did... For ice and a few other things. In Utah wine and liquor is only sold in state run stores and they are not opened on Sunday or holidays of course.

I do suggest you try it though, it's inexpensive and full bodied great to have on hand.

I do have a little 4th of July scenario for you. (remember these scenario's I do, are rough drafts.)

Jodee gazed in awe at the sky as it lit up in dozens of colors. A fraction of a second later, before the last glow had faded, a resounding boom rattled the ground followed by a small echo of the bang. Before she could wonder at the cause, another burst filled the sky with sparkles and she lost herself in the moment.

What better way could she spend the 4th? Good food, relaxed in the park watching the display and she was spending the evening with the love of her life. She reached over to pat Cade's knee. He must have spilled his wine, his jeans were damp.

The next firework explosion swallowed her scream when she looked over and found the wetness was blood.


ladybirdrobi said…
Good Morning Mary,
I am one of your google followers as of today. I also hit the like on your facebook page. I've never drank any wine so I don't have a favorite wine/winery. I do like wine coolers in fruity flavors, does that count. I checked out your blog today because a post to my trs yahoo group had a post from you about a contest. I hope that commenting on this blog post is my contest entry. If it is not could you please let me know where I am to post to be considered a contest entrant. Thank you.

Have a great day.
Lindsay said…
I've enjoyed Beringer several time in the past. Being a lover of red, sorry Cassy, I'm sure I've tried the Cab.
Finding the dampness was red not wine sure can put a damper on any celebration.
Mary Martinez said…
Wine coolers work. Whatever beverage you like is the best. Here at the garden we discuss anything. Enjoy.

Between last Monday and this Friday everyone who follows by blog and/or posts a comment will have their name thrown in the hat for a Mug & $10 Starbucks GC.

Good luck!
Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay, it must be too early because I had to read your last sentence 3 times to figure out what you meant about finding it red and not wine.

I'm such a dork.
Lindsay said…
It's all in your definition of early. Form me it's any time before 10 am local. Sounds like any time before 11 am your local time is early.

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