Liz Lipperman is in the Garden

Welcome, Liz Lipperman, to Mary’s Garden. Today we’re going to have a south of the border feel. So please have a margarita, or whatever beverage you’d prefer and settle in and relax. Liz is one of my blogging partners on Mysteries and Margaritas, if you’d like to find out more about her you can check our 10 things to know about us:

Today we’re not discussing writing a book. We may discuss a few related things. Mostly we’re going to get to know Liz as a person, not as an author. Tell us a little bit about you, Liz.

Liz: I married my HS sweetheart, have two grown children and three adorable grandchildren. I love to do anything that involves sports, love the NFL, and I’m a rabid Cowboys’ fan. I even run an NFL betting game through Yahoo.

I know you live in Texas, and this is why we’re talking something other than wine. Liz, have you lived there all of your life?

I was born and raised in Ohio and moved to Texas after hubby got out of the Air Force. I’ve been here over thirty years and now consider myself a Texan without an accent.

Mary: Another reason we’re not discussing wine’s or wineries is because, Liz, is not a wine drinker. She prefers a good margarita instead. Liz, what do you like? On the rocks? Frozen? Do you salt the rim? Are you all for the traditional or will you try other flavors, like strawberry margaritas?

Liz: I like any kind of margarita, but I always ask for a “sissy” one. That’s one with not too much tequila. My absolute favorite is a Margarita Swirl. That’s a frozen one with sangria swirled around in it. OMG! I make them at home using the bucket of frozen margaritas and my homemade sangria and a 10 cc syringe used to flavor a ham.

Everyone have some chips and salsa while we’re visiting with Liz. Back to the grilling, I mean interview. So Liz, what type of food do you like with your margarita?

Liz: Mexican is probably my all-time favorite. I usually get either a taco salad or chicken fajitas.

Mary: Which do you prefer, traditional Mexican or Tex Mex? And do you have a favorite restaurant?

Liz: Hands down Tex-Mex. I find the real stuff is too bland for me.

Mary: What? The real stuff is too bland? Obviously they don't use a lot of habanero chili's in Texas. Now if you asked me that question--my last name being Martinez (Married into the name) I'd say the real stuff because it's more spicy and Tex-Mex is the bland stuff! LOL

Liz: I would say you eat Utah-Mex. We use a lot of habaneros and jalapenos in Texas so that when it is served, it really doesn't need any more hot stuff. I would love some of your recipes!!

Mary: Do you like to travel? And if you’re in a new town do you search for a good Mexican or southwest restaurant? If not what kind?

Liz: Hubby and I travel a lot. Just last month we spent a week on an Alaskan cruise and a week with kids and grandkids on Lake Conroe near Houston. Usually, I avoid Mexican restaurants like the plague since they have a hard time competing with my Tex-Mex at home. Houston was a whole other story.

Mary: Is there one place who you believe have the best margarita around?

Liz: We have a restaurant chain here in the Dallas area called Uncle Julio’s. OMG,  they make a swirl to die for.

Mary:  When you’re relaxing, do you listen to music? If so what kind? And who are your favorite artists?

Liz: I am an Oldies freak, although I do love some of the stuff my kids used to listen to. I love Marc Anthony, Boyz2Men, N’Sync, Everly Brothers, Santana…I could go on and on. I have an eclectic taste. My friend always says I am audio (as opposed to visual.) I even have a soundtrack for one of my manuscripts for when they make the movie. (How many margaritas have I had tonight????)

Man, and I thought I had eclectic tastes! Loving margaritas I can't believe there isn't a little Jimmy Buffett in there! Thank you, Liz, for visiting me at Mary’s Garden I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself.

Thanks, Mary. This was a kick.

Okay here is a recipe of mine, the kids love it. You can make it as hot or as mild as you'd like. It's not from scratch, this is one of those when you just want to throw it in a Crockpot and forget about it until dinner.
Chili Verde: (It's actually my son Dave's recipe)

I pull/shred with my fingers the 16 oz pulled pork into the crock pot.
Then I add the following:
3 – 28 oz. cans Las Palmas Green chili enchilada sauce
1 ¾ cup chopped green bell pepper
1 ¾ cup chopped red bell pepper
1 cup chopped jalapeƱos
¾ cup chopped red hot peppers
1 ¾ cup chopped onion
½ tsp chili powder or to taste

I cook on low for about 3 hours
I usually want to thicken it so I scoop out liquid into a bowl and mix it with flour (optional). I use a fork to stir until creamy and not lumpy. Then I add it to the pot of Verde and cook for another hour on low.

I serve with rice and refried beans and tortilla’s and shredded cheese.


Caroline said…
Good morning, Mary and Liz. Great topic. I love margaritas but next time I'm out I'm going to see if they make a margarita swirl! it sounds fantastic.

Also, going to give the pulled pork recipe to my hubby to try. He likes making new things.

Mary Martinez said…
Welcome to the Garden Liz and thanks for joining me.

I'm with Caroline I'm going to see if I can find a swirl!
Liz Lipperman said…
Hey, Caroline, thanks for stopping by. Swirls are great, but if you can't find one, make them like I do at home. Using homemade sangria makes them yummy.

I'm also going to try Mary's recipe. One of my favorite appetizers to serve for company is Jalapeno Poppers Dip. Anyone want the recipe??
Liz Lipperman said…
Mary, thanks for having me today with such a fun subject. It's refreshing to talk about something other than writing.
Mary Martinez said…
It is refreshing, isn't it!

I'm waving my hand for the popper recipe!

Thanks that would be awesome!
Liz Lipperman said…
Liz’s Jalapeno Popper Dip

2 (8 ounces) cream cheese softened
1 cup of Mayo (not Miracle Whip)
1 cup of Mexican blend grated cheese
2 (4 ounces) chopped green chilies
2 (4 ounces) chopped jalapeno peppers (I only used one)
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese (in bag not can)

4 Tablespoons butter, melted
1 cup Panko bread crumbs
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

Mix first six ingredients in a food processor
Pour into 9X13 baking dish

Mix the melted butter with the other two ingredients and spread on top the batter.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes until cheese is bubbly.

The only thing left is to make yourself a margarita swirl and pig out with a bag of chips and this dip.
Liz Lipperman said…
I forgot to say. This recipe is from my friend, Jane, but the rule is when I get it, it becomes mine!!
Mary Martinez said…
I have the same rule Liz! Thank you! I'm going to make these the next time we have company.
Caroline said…
You two have made me really hungry and it's not even noon yet....oy!
Lindsay said…
Morning Liz,
Good to see you over here.
I'm not much of a tequila fan so guess margaritas are out for me. Last time I had tequila was with some friends and we did a shot of Patron. Man, what a hangover the next day.
I prefer my wines and Kentucky sippin' whiskey.
Liz Lipperman said…
Caroline, it's lunchtime somewhere!!!

Lindsay, good to see you here. Different strokes and all that. I say whatever you like, indulge moderately. Hangovers are no fun.
Lindsay said…
Liz, I always do.
Mary Martinez said…
I love a good Whiskey now and then, especially on St. Patty's day. A good Jamison's!
Lindsay said…
JamIsons is good but I think Makers Mark is much better. But, then again it's all personal preference.
Mary Martinez said…
I wouldn't know one whiskey from another. LOL
Lindsay said…
Must be a guy thing. Like you with wine and Liz with margaritas. Oh, and Cassy with her white wine.
Mary Martinez said…
Liz, Thanks for playing today. I told my friend to read your recipe for the poppers, she's delighted to have a new recipe!

Thanks everyone for dropping by.
Liz Lipperman said…
Good night, all. Thanks for letting me visit here today, Mary.

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