Mary's Ramblings Quicky review for a Wednesday

It's BBQ season so if you're a wine drinker you're looking for a few good wines. Italian is always a good way to go. Are you doing a nice juicy steak? Try a nice full bodied red.

2001 Banfi Centine Vintage Red Wine
Region - Toscana
We had this at a wine tasting our overall rating out of 10 was a 9. The sight (color, clarity) clear and the bouquet was full. It had a nice balance in the taste (acidity, body, balance).
The cost is $15 (Utah)

Next time you're throwing a T-bone on the grill pick up a bottle.


Lindsay said…
Sounds like a nice choice to go along with the steak. And don't forget to give the bone to your dog.
Mary Martinez said…
We do not have a dog. We like them too much. We wouldn't spend enough time with the poor thing. Now my daughter has one, but it would be smaller than the bone.

Tomorrow I think I'll find a fun wine movie to discuss.

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