Mary's Ramblings - It's Friday so that means Fume Blanc

Fume Blanc a nice crisp, with lemon zest and fresh herbs mark this fruit focused, dry white wine. I've had this with two dinners. A burger with jalepeno's, very smooth with the spice. Yes I drink wine with pretty much everything. Also, it goes well with chicken pasta with basil tomato sauce. It complemented both.

Cost: approx. $12 (in Utah)
2008 Columbia Valley (Washington State)
Fume Blanc
Suggestions for pairing on the label are:
Grilled Seafood, fresh oysters, or soft shell crab.

Discover the Hogue family, farm, wines and recipes online:

Now for discussion, have you tried this wine? If so did you enjoy it? Have you ever tried a Fume Blanc with something spicy? Or chicken? What are your thoughts?

Today's scenario:

Sadie sprinkles bits of minced shell crab into the basil sauce. Then she stepped away and smiled.  Ford would never know what happened. A laugh bubbled up from the pit of her tummy.

"What's so funny?" Ford reached a finger over her shoulder intending to sample the marinara, she deftly swatted his hand away before it made contact.

"No tasting until our guests arrive." She placed the lid firmly on the pot to let dinner simmer to perfection.

Another chuckle threatened, she forced it back. Sometimes television could be so educational. After all hadn't watching the restaurant scene in Mrs. Doubtfire given her the idea to take care of Ford?

The doctor would claim he died from his allergic reaction to Shell Fish.


Lindsay said…
At least you didn't call him Chevy. Then I really would have been mad. But, what's one less ford polluting the world.
The wine Fume Blanc reuns about the same price wise here in CT.
Mary Martinez said…
LOL, I wrote that little scene in two seconds off the top of my head. So I'm sure it's full of grammar errors etc. But I thought it was fun. I'm going to try to do more of that. This week though has been tough.

I was actually thinking of Harrison Ford when I wrote that. Why I don't know, because I do like him.

Really? the price is the same? I thought Utah had the highest prices anywhere!
Brenda said…
I haven't tried that wine. My husband and I love Chateu Chantel in Traverse City Michigan. They make a sparkling cherry wine, more a dessert wine, that pairs wonderfully with buttered popcorn! It is an awesome wine especially for those who don't usually like wine. We also love ice wine!

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