Paranormal interview with Travis Hill

Welcome to my blog and paranormal week. Thank you, Travis Hill, for allowing me to explore your talent. I’m very excited to have you as a guest on my Mary’s Rambling blog.

Mary: First, tell me a bit about yourself.

Travis: I’m 19 years old, and I have seen spirits ever since I was 9, after a near death experience.

Mary: Do you see ghosts? Can you explain what you mean when you see a ghost? Do you see an actual person standing there?

Travis:  Yes, I see ghost’s/spirits. I sometimes see them in a shadow form, or in a white glowing light or mist. There has been one time where I saw them in a human form. That was odd.

Mary: Do you give readings? Or if not, can you still ‘see’ what might happen to a person when you shake their hand or visit with them?

Travis: Yes I do readings, and I can tell when something may happen to someone.

Mary: What does it mean when you say ‘Free Will’ can change the outcome of a reading?

Travis: If I say you are going to get that promotion that you are working for in your job. Then you decide to quit for a better job that you want. You did not get that promotion, because you decided to quit. In some way you did get a promotion as well… because you are doing something better for yourself. That is what I mean when I say free will.

Mary: Do you ever visit places reported to be ‘haunted’ to investigate? And have you had anything happen? Were you scared?

Travis: Yes I do, the most I ever been scared, was when I heard the EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) of Eugene. He was a bad spirit that came through an angel board at Empress Theater.

Mary: Is there a difference between a Medium and a Psychic, or are they basically the same?

Travis: A psychic is basically seeing through your third eye, you can communicate telepathically. A medium is when you communicate with spirits on the other side.

Mary: Do you do any type of healing? If so what type, and tell a little about it.

Travis: Yes I do! Mine is more energy work. I can heal mental and physical pain. I have decreased the side effects of STD’s and other illnesses

Mary: Do you work with or see angels? If so explain.

Travis: Sometimes I see angels when I read people and they have angels with them.

Mary: Can you give yourself a reading? If not, why?

Travis: Only on tarot cards, and sometimes my dreams will warn me about a situation, that’s when my guides communicate with me.

Mary: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you think people would find interesting? Or anything you think is important to tell a person going through some type of crisis. What would be the benefit to them to have a reading, etc.

Travis: We are never 100% right in our readings. It’s up to you, to make sense of what we get. It’s all about free will.

Thank you, Travis, for taking the time to answer my questions and participate in my blog paranormal week.


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