Nano Month

To Nano or not to Nano that is the question!

Welcome to my Monday ramblings about anything and everything. Since it's November, I'm doing the Nano ramble. Do you know what that is? It's National Novel Writing Month There is a web site and you can register your goal and people support each other to write a book in one month. Your turn off your inner editor and just write, non stop.

Forget the fam, laundry, house... Lots of caffeine and write.

This year I did not register but I belong to a group called Charming the Muse AITC (Ass in the chair) we are working together. I am in the middle of a book so my goal is to finish the last 35 to 40K by the end of the month. Plus I need to finish requested revisions on a manuscript for my publisher. So I have a lot to do.

How many of you are doing Nano? Do you feel it benefits you or do you feel it stifles your creativity? Comment on what you think.

Until next Monday's rambles!


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