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As all of you have probably noticed, I changed my blog name. The biggest reason, I did not have enough time to keep up with timely reviews. Therefore the rating system will stay the same for when I do review something. However, I'll be blogging on thoughts, and stuff in between. Making sure something is on my blog on a more regular bases.

Any of you who have followed my blog know that my husband and I are concert whores, we pretty much want to do them all! And it's that time of year when music can be heard from venues around the city. I'm tickled pink! And yes we've already started.

We saw Fleetwood Mac last Wednesday. I would have shared the next day but I left early the next morning for a writing workshop instructed by Bob Mayer one day and Margie Lawson another day. If you get a chance to take one of their workshops, do not miss the opportunity.

I digress, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie with her flowing hair, her long black dress. Lindsey Buckingham in his tight jeans and red shirt. Most of all Mick Fleetwood in his black knickers and red shoes.

What can I say? OHMYGOD! Fantastic. I thought when we saw them in 2005 they were good. Not even close to what there were last week.

And I couldn't believe how many people do not know the first rule of concerts:
NEVER LEAVE UNTIL THE HOUSE LIGHTS COME ONE! Yes shouting that out! You miss the best part of the music. Those who left the first time they said good night missed a 30 minute--I'm not exaggerating--drum solo by Mick. He had a mouth piece on, egging us to join in. I have NO clue what he was saying.
On a foot note, if you like Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak interviewed her on his show on the BIO Channel. In fact it's airing again on June 13 8pm (not sure what time zone) Or you can watch it from the web site.
So will I rate the concert? You Betcha! And it's a 5 with a shot to Mick's Nickers!


Hi Mary,
I can't believe you didn't mention the concert. I love Fleetwood Mac - you fail to mention where the concert was held. I agree, the Bob Mayer and Margie Lawson workshops were FABULOUS. Judy
Mary said…
Hi Judy,
It was at Energy's Solutions. It was a blast. Love them.

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