Heather Graham Review / The Dead Room

The Dead Room
MIRA Books

Heather Graham is one of my favorite authors. I've read all of her historical's and though this was not a historical, I looked forward to reading it.

Leslie MacIntyre, an archaeologist, suffered a near death experience in an explosion. She lost her fiance, but at the same time received a gift. She can see and talk to spirits.

Matt Connolly, her lost fiance, visits her by night and guides her. Something was suspicious about the explosion. Though it was ruled an accident Leslie wants to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Joe Connolly, Matt's cousin has the same feeling, things just aren't right, and somehow it's connected to an ongoing investigation. One that Matt was reporting on.

Ms. Graham writes an excellent tale as always. However, I really didn't like the ending. I think this is the first time that's ever happened. I can't explain without giving the ending away. So I won't. The book is worth reading and many if not most will love the ending.
I give this a 4 If the ending were different, this may have been a 5.


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