Debbie Macomber Review/ A Shop on Blossom Street & A Good Yarn

A Shop on Blossom Street Book one of the Blossom Series
A Good Yarn Book Two of the Blossom Series

I'm going to do two reviews in one. I love Debbie and her books, but this series is one of her best. It's about relationships with friends, families and lovers. It's a got to read series.

It all starts when Lydia Hoffman opens her yarn shop on Blossom Street. She has a beginning knitting class on how to knit a baby blanket. The first book is about the women in this class.

The second book starts much as the same, but Lydia finds love. I can't possibly give you a glimpse of the characters in both books in just a review. I recommend both this books. The third and fourth books in the series are already out and I'm trying to catch up with my reading so I can pick both up.
I give both of these a 5


Anonymous said…
I've got to agree with you. I give it a thumbs up, as well as all the others I've read in the series. When you're reading her work, it feel like you are there with them. She does a great job!

Anonymous said…
I just read "The Shop on Blossom Street" and I must say it is one of the best if not the best book ever that I have read. I will get all 3 next ones and if they are as good as the first probably I will have finish them before I know it.

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