Be Positive in 2008

I decided I wasn't going to make any New Year's resolutions. So instead I come up with a Mantra of Be Positive in 2008. I'm only going to think positive thoughts.

Since then I've had more rejections than I know what to do with. The flu has ripped through the family, so I've had to watch grandkids more than usual because they can't go to day care.

Lase week we decided that since Direct TV would not upgrade our receivers to HD for free--though they give their new customers free recievers--we would go to Dish Network.

We’ve been on Direct TV for 5 years, two receivers, never had any problems. The guy from Dish Network comes out—he’s in training worked there less than a month—and hooks some ground thing up by the house. Next thing I know there is billowing smoke on the back porch. So my husband and the kid—he was probably 21—run out to the porch. He calls his boss and he told him that since our house was older he probably shouldn’t have done that. So the two receivers he’d just installed were fried. He had one out in his car, so he put that downstairs and then had to come back the next day to put the other one in one our big screen in our bedroom. Well it took him a couple of hours and at one point he thought he’d fried the other one. But finally got it working.

Then I call HP to ask one simple question; How do you change the DPI's it defaults to 150 and I need 300. After 6 hours on the phone Eric from India told me to uninstall the program. Now no one can get it back. They are supposed to be sending me a CD. But meanwhile I can't download pictures from my camera, etc. And I have emailed, called, etc Tech support for five full days.

On the way home from the Superbowl party we attended, we slid off the road, not once but twice. The first time was just soft snow. But the 2nd time we hit something and totally ruined our rim, and knocked it out of alignment. We limped home, but my sons says there may be more wrong. So we got a used rim and took the car to the alignment shop.

Then if that wasn’t enough, remember I told you last week we had the Dish Network guy come out?

Since then whenever we take a shower, when we touch the metal thing to turn the spray off, let’s just say it’s a very shocking experience. And this morning my big screen sapped off.

So I’ve been on the phone all morning with tech support about the Dish. The technician said that it’s probably just a coincidence that this all happened now. But he’s sending someone out tomorrow and told me if it’s the same guy to tell him to leave and he’d send another person out. Why can’t he just do that to beginning with? He said he’d try.

The TV is still under warranty and they are going to send someone out. But if the problem Dish caused with the electricity isn’t fixed, I’m afraid it will toast my TV again.

And still I do not have my photo program.

With all this going on I have been slowly moving my reviews to Wednesday instead of Monday, for the simple fact I got behind on my reading.

Today I am chanting. Be positive in 2008, Be positive in 2008...

Talk to you on Wednesday--hopefully--with a review!


Molly Daniels said…
Hang in there...this too shall pass:)

You're in my prayers, sweetie:) Esp the 'shocking' part...zowie!

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