Have the courage to Follow your dream!

Okay so I'm not reviewing anything. I had something all ready to post. But today was the day that I blogged on the Novel Sisterhood blog. I think this subject is far more important than a reveiw. Because anyone who wants to write if they don't have the courage to follow their dream will never have a book to be reviewed. I promise to post a review next week!

We all have dreams. Some bigger than others. Do you have the courage to follow yours and accomplish them?

Have you seen the movie Rudy? It's about Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger. It's a true story. Rudy, is by far too small to play football, but not only is that his dream, but he wants to play football at Notre Dame. And to complicate things, he had low grades.

He was determined. he was ridiculed by his brother and father for his dream. When he finally said enough, I'm going, his father sat at the bus station with him. His father told him how following a dream had lost his grandfathers hard earned money. And then he told him--and I'm appalled a parent would tell their child this--that Notre Dame was for "Rich, smart kids."

This is a classic example of true courage. Rudy went on to college, it took him 3 years at a junior college with a tutor to get his grades up and he over came the odds and was accepted at Notre Dame for his senior year. Then he walked on for the tryouts, not letting the laughter stop him.

The couch recognised that he had the heart and the spirit of 5 players. He let him be on the team but told him he would never get to dress for a game. He walked out for every practice and let the team players beat the snot out of him, so that they could be better.

The coach relented and Rudy was allowed to dress for the last game of the season of his senior year, his father and brother came to watch. He never thought he'd get to play, but the team started to chant and soon the stadium followed. Amongst the chanting of 'Rudy, Rudy', the coach finally let him into the game on one of the final plays. And to this day he's the last one to have been carried off the field on the shoulders of the team players.

Did you watch the Oscars? The couple that won for best song, "Once" they had courage to follow their dreams. Their independent low budget movie was recognized through their music.

Have you heard of Erik Weihenmayer? He's a blind man who climbed Mount Everest. Now that, took courage. He probably had several well meaning friends and family try to discourage him, but he didn't let them stop him.

Have you ever considered doing an Ironman? What is this? It's a triathlon. 2.4 miles swimming, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 marathon. Yes people strive to do this. It takes courage.

There was a man a few years ago, that finished, he didn't come in first, but the accomplishment was more than awesome. Team Hoyt, Dick and Rick Hoyt, father son team. Do you know why? His paraplegic son had a dream to participate in one. He loved for his father to take him out running with him. He loved the feel of the wind on his face. So every day the father would put his son in his wheelchair and take him out for his run.

He accomplished this Ironman in Hawaii with his son. He pulled a raft with his son it it for the the swim, and he had a special seat in front of his bike for the ride. He pushed him in his 3 wheel chair for the marathon and he completed it. It brings tears to my eyes to just think about the love this man had for his son and the courage it took to accomplish the feat. A dream that his son had. This video is well worth watching, have a tissue available. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gm7XwtIJdM

These people had the courage to follow their dreams and accomplish them. So why can't you or I? Who says we can't? We can, and we will. When someone tells you that you can't do something, or it's too hard to even try. With all of your strength, pull all the courage you have inside yourself and show them you can and you will accomplish your dreams.

I dare you!


stanalei said…
Great message, Mary! Thank you.

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