Linda Lael Miller Book Review / McKettrick's Luck

McKettrick's Luck
HQN 2007

This is the first book of the McKettrick's Men series. Jesse McKettrick, all I can say is yummy! Everyone loves a cowboy and he doesn't disappoint.

Jesse is the fun loving gambler of the family. Afterall he's got all the money he needs, why work? So he's a little lonely sometimes, he'll get around to finding a wife and having a family, maybe.

Cheyenne Bridges grew up in the same small town of Indian Rocks. Now she's going back. Her boss wants to buy some of Jesse's land to put a development on. Cheyenne doesn't care much about that, what she needs is the bonus to help her family.

When Cheyenne sees Jesse again all her longing from the past comes back like a keg of dynamite. She'd thought he was charming and handsome in high school. The adult Jesse is so much more.

I loved this and you can be sure I'll be picking up the two following McKettrick's books, Pride and Heart. This book delivered what it promised.
I give this a 5 Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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