Kara Lennox Book Review / One Stubborn Texan

One Stubborn Texan
American Romance - Harlequin

In the small town of Linhart any stranger is worth noting. When sophisticated Sydney Baines arrived even aloof Russ Klein was interested. Until that is, he found out she was there to find him.

Sydney is an heir hunter, and she's stumbled across the where abouts of the long lost heir of a millionaire. The finders fee could save her father from financial ruin.

Russ doesn't want the money. His estranged father's money ruined his mothers life when the man had been alive. Now she was happy and leading a normal life. He didn't even want her to know about the money.

When Sydney finds out his reasons for not wanting the money, it left her in a quandary, did she help the man she'd grown to love, or help her father?
I give this 3 Good read. Fun to lose yourself in while snuggled in front of a fire. Or if by the pool or at the beach.


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