Johanna Lindsey Book Review / The Devil Who Tamed Her

The Devil Who Tamed Her
Johanna Lindsey
Pocket Books 2007 (A division of Simon & Schuster)

This book is the second book under the Reid Family. The Heir is the first, and though I didn't know that or read it first, this is a stand alone. So don't worry if you read this first.

Ophelia Reid is the most beautiful, sought after woman of the season. And she hates it. Her father is after a lofty title and doesn't seem to care what she wants. As a result she realizes that most of her friends do not really offer honest friendship. She has trouble hiding her bitterness and as a consequence, has a terrible reputation.

Raphael Locke, Viscount Lynnfield and heir to the dukedom bets his friend MacTavish that he would be able to teach the young Ophelia, some manners. And in the process make her far happier and therefore cause everyone around her to breath a sigh of relief.

As you can imagine, Ophelia is far from happy with young Locke's efforts. And Raph gets far more than he bargained for.

I love this book. It's not a Mallory family book, but comes close to it in enjoyment. I would recommend this book.
I give this 4 Enjoy!


romantic idiot said…
I wonder if your opinion would have been different if you had gone through The Heir first. I HATED Ophelia in that one - she was such a malicious EVIL person.
And I really liked Rafe. So when at the end, Lindsey that that crying scene - I was moaning no no..I tried my best to read this one, but I just skimmed it, couldn't get into it at all. Kate was sympathetic, Ophelia is not. I just can't live with such an unsympathetic heroince. Sorry for rambling, but even The Heir is ruined for me now (well more ruined than that little scene). It's like making a rapist a hero.

romantic idiot.

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