Tuesday in the Garden

How was your weekend? Hope everyone had a safe one. I've been busy with future interviews and visits to the garden. It's going to be a fun fall!

So far we have had no recipes for the contest. I hope this is because everyone was out of town for the weekend, or at least not on their computers. The rules are easy--post your favorite fall and/or Halloween recipe in the comment section to get your name in the hat free download of one of my books. It goes through November 1st. And the more recipes... yup you got it the more times your name goes into the hat for an opportunity. (be sure to give me a way to contact you.)

If anyone is out there please post and answer the following questions, it will be fun to have a bit of discussion in the garden today.
  1. What season is your favorite?
  2. What is your favorite thing of fall?
  3. What is your favorite holiday?
Okay there you go, let's hear from everyone. (Don't forget a recipe)


Lindsay said…
Favorite season-Spring when everything starts to come back to life.
Favorite thing of Fall-Knowing Spring is just a season away.
Favorite holiday-Sorry, don't have one.
Mary Martinez said…
How can you not love Halloween?
Lindsay said…
It's easy. Kebi gets scared with all the people that come to the door.
Donna Cummings said…
Mary, I love Halloween -- probably because my birthday is right after it -- LOL. And I do love fall, especially here in New England.

But I think summer will always be my favorite. It represents freedom from responsibility, and reminds me of laying on the grass, reading books. :)

No recipes from me -- I'm not much of a cook! Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with tho!
Mary Martinez said…
I've always wanted to visit New England in the fall. Well actually I'd love to visit New England any time, but I bet Halloween would be the best.

I hope people start posting recipes soon. Watch for the 20th through the 24th. The Coffee Time Crew will be here and there will be recipes!
Taryn Kincaid said…
Love Halloween. Love fall until day light savings time ends and it gets dark at 3:30. And no sooner do the stores clear out the Halloween stuff than the Christmas things come in. Before Thanksgiving. Hate that.
Mary Martinez said…
Yes I want to know what happened to Thanksgiving?
Lindsay said…
Thanksgiving. I get time and a half for 8 hrs. Might have a microwave turkey dinner at work.

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